About Make-it

Founded 2017 in Switzerland, Make-it started of with creating institutional products. We learned very fast that cryptocurrency markets are in need of additional liquidity. Together with our customers we designed solutions for the market making environment of cryptocurrencies. We are operating as a market maker for multiple projects and exchanges since 2018. Now we have a team of more than 10 specialists located in Switzerland and Germany, helping our customers all around the globe to reach the next level of their journey.


Experienced Market Making for high quality markets

With a lot of experience in utility token project market making we want to bring your cryptocurrency to the next level. We can support you with:

market making solution according to your needs and the requirements of the exchanges

innovative solutions like Cross-Chain Market Making CEX/DEX

enhancing the liquidity in your order book

strategic risk assessment and management

access to your accounts via API

advanced spread management

new traders

increasing the daily trading volume

Exchange Listing Services

We will support your Exchange Listing on the desired exchanges.
With multiple partnerships and contacts we will find the right exchange for your utility project.

Custom made arbitrage solutions:

Our market making services include our custom made arbitrage solutions to ensure price stability across all pairs and exchanges.

Strategic guidance and launch support:

With our extensive experience in utility token projects we are happy to support you with our know-how to make your project a success story.

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